What Is Your View on Compulsive Gambling?

Question by Abbi: What is your view on compulsive gambling?
I am writing a paper for one of my classes and am wondering what the general knowledge is on compulsive gambling. Do you think that drug addiction, alcoholism, or compulsive gambling has the highest negative affect on people’s lives?

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Answer by kat k
i don’t think any of them are worse than the others. all of them will basically lead you down a path of self destruction hurting others along the way…
i live with my boyfriend and his cousin lives in the house too. he is a compulsive gambler. he work at the tropicana casino, go figure, in atlantic city and spends all of his time gambling before and after work. he has tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt and is mooching off of my boyfriends mother- his aunt. he is 40 years old, has a girlfriend who lives in pa- their entire relationship consists of the phone and letters because he can’t afford to move out… and he spends hours- 8, 9, 10 hours a day online playing gambling games as well as pogo point games… it sounds like a casino in the living room every day…

it’s sad. in a pathetic way, in my opinion. people have tried to help him ebfore, family and friends… he is too stupid (not just based on the gambling issue, he has a lot of other issues too) to realize he needs help and he is leading a meaningless life…

plus, hes creepy as hell…
but like with anything, the person has to want the help. my parents have been sober from alcohol for about three months now and i know that anyone can overcome an addiction if they WANT to

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2 Responses to What Is Your View on Compulsive Gambling?

  • twinkles says:

    Look around, see what has happened with the financial crisis. People’s addiction with buying share. It is partly gambling. Buy sell buy sell, can’t stop. If the share is low, try again with some more share.

    Everything with addiction bring negative effect. That is why at some teaching, you’d better not love something too much, nor hate something too much.

  • honor says:

    Compulsive gambling is an addiction, just like compulsive eating, drinking or drug use. All of these addictions can ruin lives and relationships. I feel they are equally destructive, however compulsive gambling will not cause the health problems that drinking or using drugs may.

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