Women Compulsive Gamblers, Las Vegas


Women Compulsive Gamblers, Las Vegas – http://www.gamblinghelper.com With increased acceptance of gambling, and easy access to it, women have been swept into the gambling current. For some, the hi…


'Crack baby' scare overblown, teen research says

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Windows are covered and a notice is posted on the door outside the Oakey Discount Market on the corner of Oakey and Las Vegas boulevards Wednesday afternoonon Dec. 6, 2006, that gives notice that the store's license to sell alcohol has been revoked.
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Promoter grilled about 'smoking gun' e-mail in Michael Jackson death trial

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Tom Parker in Las Vegas. Elvis' name came up in the trial on Tuesday as Panish questioned Gongaware about his knowledge of drug use during concert tours. He should have been able to recognize red flags signaling Jackson's drug use because of his …
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6 Responses to Women Compulsive Gamblers, Las Vegas

  • Odi A says:

    Gambling problem after a certain time passed is biological. And people do have physical withdrawal from it. I read that Casino’s are hiring neuroscientists to program machines to have a biological response in? your brain activity many are now talking about blackouts and insanity.
    I am sorry for you pain and I understand what you are going through and you are trying to save yourself. However you have to face the result to change.
    I will not be sending you money only out of love.

  • Odi A says:

    I know the public is very uneducated and cruel on the disease of gambling problem and you can’t argue with stupid. I agree that everyone should be responsible for? their own actions however Casino’s should have a social responsibility as well. Especially in Vegas where if you want to pump gas or go to a movie gambling is always in your face.

  • Evangelist JESSE CHARO says:


  • Dennis Lemke Green says:

    You dont deserve to lose your home but what will happen should happen as you made your selfish choices at the worst time when your poor husband was ill.GET A JOB do ANYTHING to try and save your family clean homes do whatever it takes .Lazyness will not save you here ….just hard work
    I hope that you find a job and resolve thing? .Good luck for the future of your family.

  • NmhjyZvcfd says:

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  • lauriela09 says:

    This doesnt seem legal. Sometimes we have to lose everything to grow and change, The way the market is in Vegas alot of people are forclosing and it almost better to rent. I HOPE your still in recovery. Sometimes family members that are adults and have addictions will use and abuse until you make them move, believe me I am going thru this with my daughter and she is 27. She will go to super pawn? and sell everything she has just to gamble also give her body away for money. SO i dont trust any ga

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