The Bwiti Eboga Plant -(Ibogaine) Can Cure Drug Addiction


The Bwiti Eboga Plant -(Ibogaine) can cure drug addiction – Iboga (aka eboga) has been known to the Twa of the Congo Basin for more than 20000 years and in the past 300 years has played a central role in the Bwiti re…


13 Responses to The Bwiti Eboga Plant -(Ibogaine) Can Cure Drug Addiction

  • Sabledoux says:

    Typical Tamahu behavior, if they don’t know about it, it must not exist.
    And this bastard John Olney, had the nerve to patent this sacred root.

  • Marleyites says:

    @ALETHEIA8881 Bless you! Speaking truth, which is real freedom, for
    everyone. And that is true power. You sound like a wise shaman & this is
    the last comment I’m writing tonight, so as I fall asleep, I will think of
    you and send you blessings for speaking up for all people who are suffering
    lamentation on this trod. Haile Selassie, the King of Kings, Rastafari
    says: ” and until the color of a man’s skin is of no more significance than
    the color of his eyes, everywhere is war” … thank you.

  • omgitzdoeB says:

    black African knew about this plant?

  • ALETHEIA8881 says:

    @filmtress sweety wow!!! i said im from America… thats what it means when
    a person refers to when they say “my people” and again WOW…. you are a
    hateful person, and i feel sorry for you! no wonder we cant stand other
    countries – if their leaders are anything like your soul… EQUALITY…

  • ALETHEIA8881 says:

    @filmtress any way my point in the first place is … my friends and myself
    are trying to overcome addiction and “we” really do thank Africa and
    Africas people for this second chance at life through the sacred root bark
    of the Iboga plant… Thank you!

  • ALETHEIA8881 says:

    @Marleyites Thank you Marleyites, I wish I was a wise Shaman, just a woman
    that believes in equality 🙂 and wants the best for this world and all that
    is part of it – you made my life :), peace and love Aletheia

  • witchcerridwen says:

    @Freestyle420z yes i agree its really pathetic that it always has to make
    money.forget about the dollars and get rid of the dollar signs in your eyes
    and just legalize it.

  • himmaggin says:

    @Sabledoux Not KRON 4 the old nbc. I remember this station. With that said,
    this will not make it here because it will bankrupt too many industries who
    depend on drug addicts for their money. Furthermore, the cures for aids
    lies in the motherland, but will not make it because too much money is tied
    up in research. To bring simplicity to a complicated structure will cause
    an imbalance that leads directly to loss of monetary gains off the
    unfortunate. Peace family, the struggle continues…

  • filmtress says:

    @guallivera Amen!

  • filmtress says:

    @ALETHEIA8881 Okay great you’re grateful for AFrica’s gift. Please remember
    that before stereotyping another black person via of a media blurb. Also,
    real Indians are copper color. If you run into white skinned Indian’s those
    are fakes and are part of the invading barbaric horde that took claim to
    the land and people. They Euros have assimilated their blood in with the
    copper hued originals and are now screaming victimization to reap benefits
    for themselves. I guess you’re still reaping.

  • witchcerridwen says:

    wow and still its illegal in the usa.why dont they get over their
    stubborness and give it a try.prisons are full of people that dont belong
    there.and leaves the real criminals out.just legalize it america.

  • ALETHEIA8881 says:

    @filmtress also I am from America and i wish i had the magic potion to make
    everything and everyone equal, all im saying is its time for people to come
    out of the bondage of addiction and heal from their pain… so we can all
    get past the shit that has been thrown at you and your people and me and my
    people … check into ifowarsdotcom

  • filmtress says:

    Maybe you ARE copper colored (dark like a penny). Remember people of color
    ARE dark in color. As far as people on my video are concerned: The majority
    of blacks thus far have has to placate to the white world. NOthing for us.
    When we try to create something we’re accused of being separatist and are
    getting accused of ‘reversed racism’ which is lame seeing as how if we want
    to live freely like you we have to Create our own way. It’s not reversed
    racism but taking ownership of our lives.

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