If I Am Taking Methadone Can I Take Decadron&depomedrol?

Question by Arcelia: if i am taking methadone can i take decadron&depomedrol?
what i want to know if i am taking methadone can i take decadron & depomedrol

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Answer by Frank
They will not have much of an effect on you, except that this will be the beginning of a slide back into addiction.

No competent physician would prescribe either of those meds to a patient with a history of abuse.

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  • ...and the crowd goes wild! says:

    I don’t see why not. decadron&depomedrol is an anti-inflamitory like tylenol except you inject it, as I am sure you know. But they put tylenol with oxycodone to make percocet.
    Edit: it is an intramuscular injection not IV. So don’t IV it!

  • Sparrow says:

    It would ultimately depend on your physician’s opinion of the risks versus benefits- and also heavily depends on whether you’re taking methadone for chronic, severe pain management or opiate addiction therapy.
    Some very basic research yielded this:

    1) Decadron interactions with methadone:


    If you are taking methadone for opiate addiction, decadron has been kown to decrease methadone plasma concentration, making it less effective, and as such, has a potential to induce withdrawal symptoms. This can be resolved with increases in your methadone dose, or alternative meds for the decadron.

    While I wasn’t able to locate anything specific regarding depomedral & methadone, it would really be somewhat pointless, as methadone will provide the pain management effects & an anti inflammatory can be taken to cover the other proactive purpose of the medicine, there by reducing your ned to take excessive amounts of medication cocktails.
    If your prescriptions are coming from two different physicians, I would strongly advise making them both aware of the others prescriptions, so that they can work together to find a suitable mix.

    Some resources that may be of some help:

    1) PDF of Methadone Today’s newsletter, with an article regarding methadone and drug interactions:

    2) Methadone Today Newsletter index with some similar pieces:

    3) NAMA- National Alliance for Medication Assisted Recovery

    Hope this helps 🙂

  • Narconon says:

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