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Answers for Addiction 2 : Drug Addiction Treatment – : Drug Addiction Treatment : Holistic Drug Rehab : Do You Know The Secret to Overcoming Any Addiction? Find Out. Free Drug Addictio…


Gresham man gets 4 years for multiple identity and vehicle thefts in Beaverton

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Brooks received the court's package for drug abuse treatment and is to have no contact with his victims. Brooks must pay fines and fees, plus $ 7,500 in restitution. Additional restitution will be determined within 90 days, according to Nadya Martin …


'Bath Salts' Manufacturers Staying One Step Ahead of Regulators

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One of the complicating factors among patients who present with symptoms is co-occurring substance abuse, and there is currently no effective screening test for the stimulants, Dr. Gunderson said. With proper treatment, such as with benzodiazepines, …
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One in five Ontario students report serious brain injury, new study says

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Researchers at Toronto's St. Michael's Hospital analyzed data from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health's 2011 survey on drug use and health, which was filled out by close to 9,000 Ontario students aged 11 to 20. They found that roughly five per …
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