Are Cell Phones Aloud in an Inpatient Drug Rehab Center?

Question by xoxokaboomxoxo: are cell phones aloud in an inpatient drug rehab center?
just wondering.. because mybrother checked himself in this past week. and he left his phone, and its still turned so im not sure if he forgot it or its not aloud or what..?

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Answer by chica_zarca
Probably not… Just turn it off for him for the time being, the battery will end up dying eventually anyway. I’m sure if he needs to call anyone or anyone wishes to call him, there are phones in the rehab center that he can use. Besides, the nurses there probably want him concentrating on getting better, not making/taking tons of phone calls. They probably also worry that he will be communicating with old [drug-using] friends or dealers whom he should not be having contact with while in rehab.

Best of luck to him!!

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  • helcow1 says:

    Sure they are. How else is someone going to order out for pizza or crack?

  • The ROCK says:



    No. Its not ALLOWED to carry your phone to rehab !

  • little78lucky says:

    one of the main reasons to be in a infacilty treatment center is to get the person away from there inner circle so they have a chance to breath and think and learn other ways without being influenced by the people who have bad intentions towards them that being said most will not allow cell phones

  • Daniel Martin says:

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