Pat’s Story Pt. 1 – Alcohol Addiction Recovery


Pat’s Story Pt. 1 – Alcohol Addiction Recovery – Watch Pat’s story of alcoholism and drug use and how he changed his life through recovery. Learn more at .


Health care changes mean addiction treatment coverage in 2014 –

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Changes in the federal health care overhaul means insurance companies will have to pay for alcohol and drug addiction treatment, beginning 2014. There is an unfulfilled need for alcohol and addiction treatment services in the Tri-State. In fact, it's …
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Letter: NH needs the help

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New Hampshire has an epidemic drug and alcohol problem. The state is … The Senate should stop playing politics with our tax dollars and make sure New Hampshire taxpayers, including those in need of alcohol and other drug treatment, get their fair share.
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4 Responses to Pat’s Story Pt. 1 – Alcohol Addiction Recovery

  • pinkymixology says:

    I never drank alcohol until I was 21. That was a huge mistake!? I will make sure my children will know what alcohol is and how it can metabolize in a developing body. I will allow my children to have small amounts so that they will never ever make the same mistakes that I did.

  • Joles0 says:

    You. You have the power to live in peace on this beautiful planet of ours.
    S i m p l y, make up your mind to live in peace. F o? r g i v e, but learn.

    Walk in Faith. Develop one of your multiple talents an the other talents will surface.
    Make sound decisions with your future children in mind.
    Drink WATER. Smile from deeeep within your SPIRIT.j4/2012

  • hiphopsavedmylife26 says:

    fuck im? an alcoholic

  • ithinkiknowbetter says:

    What an awesome story.? Thank you so much for sharing.

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