Bath Salts ‘Zombie’ Drug This Video Contains Graphic Images


Bath Salts ‘Zombie’ Drug This video contains graphic images – DISCLAIMER: This video contains graphic images It has an innocent-sounding name; maybe you’ve heard people talking about “bath salts.” But they have nothing …


Ayers: Obama gets a 'failing grade' as president

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Teen porn star got naked, pleasured herself with crucifix on school grounds · Three grade-school boys allegedly forced third-grader to perform oral sex on them · Here is the NSA whistle blower's alleged girlfriend [PHOTOS] · Recall of Colorado gun …
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Social justice day examines local impact of modern drugs

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Candice D'Agostino, Calvert Alliance Against Substance Abuse (CAASA) coordinator, echoed Jackson's sentiments and invited the Cause Theatre cast to share its message with the community through future programs sponsored by the CAASA. Graphic pictures …
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24 Responses to Bath Salts ‘Zombie’ Drug This Video Contains Graphic Images

  • PineappleRaxx says:

    It’s so bad it’s funny?

  • Jerkwad152 says:

    Go? suck on a gas pipe.

  • Nick Brooks says:

    My father’s family is from there, It’s actually only technically legal for Rastafarians because it is part of their religion/culture, and they’re? only allowed to cultivate it from wild plants in the countryside and not on farms. It’s simply overlooked more for Jamaican nationals smoking and selling it than foreigners.

  • Lauren Elizbet says:

    Oh my GOSHHHHHHHH? hell no

  • Zack Goodson says:

    0:52? is YouTube GOLD

  • Bailey Almazan says:

    you are? an idiot…

  • Glenn Wilkins says:

    @SAKsurvivors wrong, smoking weed in jamacia is only? legal for jamacians.

  • Jerkwad152 says:

    It’ll make you go to the store and buy thirty bucks worth of junk food.? :3

  • Jerkwad152 says:

    I doubt it would be that much.? All somebody has to do to get weed is toss some seeds on the ground, and that stuff’s going to grow. :3

  • alex clark says:

    actually the democrats are trying to sign a bill to make? it legal nationally as the us would get $20-$40 billion in tax dollars

  • Josh G says:

    that face? creeped me out…now i know forsure that i shouldnt take drugs

  • cheats59 says:

    kids stick to your amphetamines, I have only seen people staring at me in cars from amphetamine psychosis. I have seen shadow people chased them with a huge bong cuz them fuckers aint gonna make me trip. also I have seen a car morph into a metalic? human it was pretty dope.

  • cheats59 says:

    if you get addicted to anything your? doing it wrong.

  • ParanormalCollection says:

    0:57 LOL FAIL?

  • j frost says:

    Well, tell people how to kill them selves. This? is so stupid

  • TerroristBob19 says:

    you havn’t? met them behind closed doors then 🙁

  • SAKsurvivors says:

    And for those of you saying to legalize marijuana, it will never happen. Yes it happened in some states the majority of? states will remain illegal. If you want to smoke weed go to a lesser country like Jamaica.

  • SAKsurvivors says:

    I want the? 11 minutes and 1 second of my life back

  • jemsecruz2000 says:

    He jump those cars fast. if I did that? I would fall and bust my ass I the face

  • Teawithgrief says:

    good shit?

  • ChuckNorrisCanSeeU says:

    Being normal all your life then suddenly starting? to write backwards.
    Sudden and unpermament “dyslexia”? Hmm, not weird at all. no no

  • Foodstamp316 says:

    Seems liek a fail to show exactly how to? buy
    the product

  • dennis gonzalez says:

    didn”t complete the? order,,,..? hmmm

  • ian cassinera says:

    “something amazing happened, she learned how to spell backwards” bitch please, ever heard of dyslexia? ?

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