Vietnamese Prank Call to Gambling Addiction Helpline


Vietnamese prank call to Gambling Addiction Helpline – Hello everybody, been a while since i’ve made a video, im starting up scape again for new wild 😀 im going to be bridding on my main and pking on my maxxed zerker and a pure that im working on 🙂 && gunna be staking heaps too 😀 if you guys want me to upload bank vids etc of my accounts before wild && stuff so yeahh lemme know what you guys wanna see and ill see what i can do =D


From Twitter:

Our helpline, open 9am-9pm, is 0845 388 3853. We aim to be a lifeline for families struggling with the gut wrenching nightmare of addiction. – by DrugFAM (DrugFAM Charity)