US War in Afghanistan Turned Millions to Drug Addicts, Including Many Children


US War in Afghanistan Turned Millions to Drug Addicts, Including Many Children – Drug production in Afghanistan has had a 44-fold increase since the US led invasion of the country in 2001. But why doesn’t the US refuse to stop this dangerous and evil industry in occupied Afghanistan? Maybe like in the 80’s, the Russophobes in the US government do not mind to foster the terrorist networks in the strong desire to hurt neighboring Russia by killing tens of thousands of young Russians with a new covert action of narcotics flow. Estimates of how much money the former US governments channeled to the Afghan rebels during Soviet war with Islamic extremists vary, but most sources put the figure between billion and billion or more. If this is true, it is a repeated crime based on madness. The Russian intervention in December 1979 that meant to save the secular Afghan government and to prevent the neighboring country from turning into a terrorist state was the signal for US Russophobes to considerably increase support to the Afghan Mujahedeen. Results well known, after almost winning war against radicals Soviet army withdrew and now American solders are dying fighting former allies of US Russophobes. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that the drug business provides the financial basis for terrorism and is one of its main factors for its upsurge- said Viktor Ivanov, the head of Russias Federal Service for the Control of Narcotics. IT WAS OSAMA BIN LADEN, IVANOV REMINDED, WHO IN THE MIDDLE 1990S CREATED HEROIN SUPPLY CHAINS TO RUSSIAS CHECHNYA IN ORDER TO


Washington County Sheriff's Dept Host Take Back Unwanted Drugs Event

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HAGERSTOWN, MD – To prevent the increase in prescription drug abuse, the Washington County Sheriff's department held a take back your unwanted drugs event. People were able to drop off their unwanted medicines outside the Washington County Health …
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CO, WA counter federal law in marijuana vote

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But our next guest says legalizing marijuana is a dangerous idea he knows because he battled drug addiction before finding — Bishop Ron Allen is ahead of — CC's mission and he's my guest this morning morning tradition. Morning Gretchen are you doing …
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