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How Do Help a Loved One Who Is Addicted to Pain Medication?

Question by Name?: How do help a loved one who is addicted to pain medication?
How do you help a loved one who is addicted to pain medication? I have tried putting this person into a Free center for drug free living but it is just a bunch of crazies in there because it is FREE! we cannot afford a real treatment program. Is there another way around this?

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Answer by sandy7970
talk to the doctor who prescribed the medicine. some meds have to be weaned gradually to a lower dose in order to avoid problems with withdrawal. they can also substitute with a pain med that is not a narcotic. they don’t work as well, but can help take the edge off the pain while the patient gets off the narcotic. don’t do this on your own…you don’t know the proper dose schedule/timing to get the addiction handled without doing more harm. call the doc for advice.

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