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What if a Friend of Mine Was of Legal Age and Was Put Into Rehab by His Parents?

Question by Abby: What if a friend of mine was of legal age and was put into rehab by his parents?
He is not even drinking or using any drugs. He just has some attitude problems that his parents cannot fix. They are not even seeking help from anyone to help them fix the attitude problem. What part of the constitution is his parents breaking? and by the way, how do i answer your answers?

Best answer:

Answer by LadyCatherine
define ‘ of legal age’. is he 18 or over? there is no hospital that will admit an adult just cause mom and dad think he is behaving right.. that wouldn’t happen..

if he is 18,, there really is nothing his parents can do to get him help unless he wants helps. most they can do is kick him out of their house..

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