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What Drug Is Used to Treat Oxycontin Addiction Recovery?

Question by zigzagg11: What drug is used to treat oxycontin addiction recovery?

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Answer by stascia
depends on how bad the addiction is.

if the addiction was very severe, some places are using methadone treatment, which is normally reserved for heroin addicts (but since heroin and oxycontin are both opiates it works as well). methadone treatment involves going to a clinic everyday and getting a dose of methadone, which is an opiate itself. it is a lighter, less addictive opiate and gives a person a ‘buzz’ just like any other opiate. however, the dose of methadone, over time, is decreased, and the addict gets less and less of the drug. this type of treatment cuts down on all the crappy side effects of opiate withdrawal, such as DTs, hallucinations, auditory disturbances and etc.

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