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Ibogaine Testimonials | Ibogaine Treatment | Ibogaine Therapy | Ibogaine Detox | Opiate Detox – Call us to find out how to enroll in this proven powerful healing modality. 323-606-9904 www.theholisticsanctuary.com Enter Ibogaine, an un-patentable naturally occurring alkaloid that comes from an African shrub. Ibogaine has been shown in controlled studies conducted under Dr. Deborah Nash of the University of Miami to be nothing short of one the most profound substance discovered by medical science. Ibogaine has been shown to cause a long acting cascade of secondary metabolites that continually bind to opiate and dopamine receptors, eliminating withdrawal, drug craving and drug seeking behavior for nearly 30 days for just about every habit forming chemical known. Alcoholism has been shown to be the moost stubborn with regard to Ibogaine but even so the data is extremely impressive compared to any conventional therapy including in patient care. What is also important is that the experience one has while under the influence of Ibogaine has been described by patients as one of the most profound life changing events they could think of. http Painless and amazing Ibogaine Treatment Program in Mexico help All clients who are addicted & dependent get healed. the Holistic Sanctuary offers advanced treatments that help reset brain chemistry to a pre-addicted state. If there is a cure this is it. theholisticsanctuary.blogspot.mx ibogaine-treatments.blogspot.mx


Alcohol abuse playing role in suicide

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The National Center for Health Statistics reports alcohol-induced death are a little more than twice as high in Montana as those for the United States. Additionally, one out of four fatal crashes in Montana has alcohol or drugs involved. While most …
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Gun fight: Delaware weighs rights vs. public safety

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Up until June this year, the State Bureau of Identification's Firearms Transaction Approval Program, or F-TAP, ran the criminal background checks required for an adult to buy a handgun or rifle in Delaware. … The Delaware code outlines those …
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