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Does Tobacco/nicotine Show Up on Probation Drug Tests?

Question by Lukas: Does tobacco/nicotine show up on probation drug tests?
I am 15 years old and have been charged with a felony of burglary. I am being put on 90 days of probation, i smoke cigarettes daily, probably 5-8 cigarettes a day. I am wondering if any of it will show up in the tests they will give me.
Thank you for your answers, but with different answers i am now confused. Can someone give an answer with proof or explain how you know what you know..
Thank you. Either way i am quiting, i just wanted to know because i had a few last night and my test is tomorrow.

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Answer by John J

Smoke on…

Edit: Just ignore the novella the guy wrote telling you to ignore all the other answers. I’ve never heard of any juvenile justice system testing for nicotine and they aren’t about to start now because it costs money. I see the kids on probation smoking on a daily basis right outside of the school for delinquents and nobody gives a shit. Nobody gives a shit about them or anything they do therein lies the problem…

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