Re: On a Personal Note: World of Warcraft Addiction


Re: On a personal note: world of warcraft addiction – This is a video respone to Naomi. I really sorry about your friend/relative. I hope this will help you in your decision in helping. Im not saying anyone who plays the game is automatically an addict. Please i dont want any comments about my gameplay.


Learning to forget her body

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rather than, 'Oh wow, she's running well so I'm just going to exploit it,'" Brittin said. "There are certain times where it's more … Writing the book was cathartic, but she said she's most interested in how it can help others open up about their …
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Cowboys cain't be …

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Addiction and alcoholism are diseases whose treatment faces a unique disadvantage. A significant number of medical professionals don't consider them diseases. These providers offer lip service to the fact that there are many studies proving that both …
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