Re: On a Personal Note: World of Warcraft Addiction


Re: On a personal note: world of warcraft addiction – fyi I’m talking canadian dollars when I mentioned the prices of the game cards Response to Naomi94’s vid


Galliano's Addiction — Death by Dior: Part Two, The Vanity Fair Scoop

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Wow. Do you know what I found? Two lads who are just kids. Kids for art. None of the mean splendours of the fashion industry taint their hearts. Their lives maybe, but not their hearts. So here is my take on the situation and my best wishes to all …
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NYT: Global warming halted because… we're lucky

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The New York Times has attempted to explain the slowdown in global warming over the last fifteen years. Their answer: We're just lucky. “As unlikely as this may sound, we have lucked out in recent years when it comes to global warming,” writes the NYT …
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Upscale eateries will cook for Downtown Welcome Table

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But the downtown restaurants want to do their part to help. “Brian is just so inspiring and passionate about what he does, and the way he does this program with such integrity and dignity — he believes there is dignity within all of us, and that any …
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19 Responses to Re: On a Personal Note: World of Warcraft Addiction

  • 2Fat2Furi0us says:

    I did try, but couldn’t get addicted to wow…
    I believe the only problem WOW creates is that it’s very, VERY available for players and paying for a certain amount of? time. You see that’s exactly what a drug does, you pay for a fix and the fix lasts a limited amount of time, afterwards you crave more.
    Well it should make you crave more, the only reason people get addicted to WOW is that they’ve never really been addicted to something else or have never played a good MMO in the first place.

  • 2Fat2Furi0us says:

    It does, for some persons, you? seem to be addicted to being an idiot on the Internet.

  • 2Fat2Furi0us says:


  • dries123ful says:

    I just ordered the Battle chest..played like years on Runescape but meh its time to hop to something new? lol,so i hope i’ll like Wow

  • dries123ful says:

    Maybe its based? on him? xD

  • thebrainhurtznoname says:

    Only 2 years? I’m going? on 10.

  • Litl Miracles Pugs, Ponies n Studio says:

    Nice video….Im going back to Zelda…a? game with an END. LOL

  • waydej87 says:

    Yeah alright tough kid, go play with you’re lego’s and get off your moms computer.?

  • HallowedVoid says:

    it’s actually ‘you’re’, so you’re? the actual dumb fucking idiot

  • Kai Giok-Kie says:

    I dont play retail anymore but about frikkin time mages go rare >

  • Staminchia88 says:

    And nowdays, everyone’s a goddamn Death Knight or? Priest/Monk.. but especially DKs. Mages are by far the rarest race at the moment.

  • Shay Lavi says:

    This facking game is destroying my? life and getting me into fights with my mom. We never get mad at each other like we do today when I had a wow free life before. I feel like I am addicted to drug and I have a life style of a drug addict

  • charisaob says:

    i play wow too, to be honest it pisses me off sometimes with the way its set up because it is loosing of time, especially going from point A to point B. I spend a whole summer? at a private server, I was very depressed at the time because of something personal that happen, plus no social life at the time. The only thing that I liked at wow was selling stuff to make gold. I actually started an internet & local business of my own (not wow related) because I liked selling things. I guess I was lucky

  • Domagoj Makaj says:

    WTF are you play the? game

  • Evilfetus15 says:

    Well? this was uploaded in 2007 which means its a lot more reasonable for that to be a long time in comparison

  • waydej87 says:

    I dont need to prove my “intelligence”? to some internet dumb ass such as yourself.

  • ontheskies says:

    ? and you? need to cuss to express? which makes you very intelligent??

  • momo22660 says:

    dont make fun of him?

  • waydej87 says:

    If you honestly think? WARCRAFT addiction exists your the dumbest fucking person I have met.

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