Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012 Media Coverage – KPTV 12


Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012 Media Coverage – KPTV 12 – The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act has been approved for circulation. The certified ballot title is as follows: Allows personal marijuana, hemp cultivation/use without license; commission to regulate commercial marijuana cultivation/sale. Result of a “Yes” Vote: “Yes” vote allows commercial marijuana (cannabis) cultivation/sale to adults through state-licensed stores; allows unlicensed adult personal cultivation/use; prohibits restrictions on hemp (defined). Result of a “No” Vote: “No” vote retains existing civil and criminal laws prohibiting cultivation, possession and delivery of marijuana; retains current statutes that permit regulated medical use of marijuana. Summary: Currently, marijuana cultivation, possession and delivery are prohibited; regulated medical marijuana use is permitted. Measure replaces state, local marijuana laws except medical marijuana and driving under the influence laws; distinguishes “hemp” from “marijuana”; prohibits regulation of hemp. Creates commission to license marijuana cultivation by qualified persons and to purchase entire crop. Commission sells marijuana at cost to pharmacies, medical research facilities, and to qualified adults for profit through state-licensed stores. Ninety percent of net goes to state general fund, remainder to drug education, treatment, hemp promotion. Bans sales to, possession by minors. Bans public consumption except where signs permit, minors barred. Commission regulates use, sets prices, other duties; Attorney


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Lilly plans to submit the drug for regulatory approval in 2013. Another possible winner for Lilly could come from ramucirumab. The company announced positive results in October from a phase 3 study focusing on use of the drug in treating metastatic …
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Daily Dose: AEZS Soars, SGYP Gets It Right, MYL, PFE, BMY Get FDA Blessings

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According to the company, the phase III trial will compare AEZS-108 with Doxorubicin as second line therapy for locally-advanced, recurrent or metastatic endometrial cancer, and will involve approximately 500 patients. The primary … The company plans …
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