Is a Gallbladder Problem a Symptom of Drug Addiction?

Question by : Is a gallbladder problem a symptom of drug addiction?
Hi. I’ve been smoking weed for a few months straight now because it was a way of escaping from my depression. I’ve been gaining more and more anxiety lately and I get really nervous and start to twitch when I am in certain places in public or around certain age groups. Also, I’ve been getting alot of urges to pee. I wake up in the middle of the night because I had to pee so bad. Is that supposed to be a symptom of drug addiction/abuse?

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Answer by samantha
From weed? Highly unlikely… The anxiety makes sense, but the having to pee so badly it wakes you up, no. I would however get that checked.

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Blaming CAG for low #2G auction collection is like blaming doctor for withdrawal symptoms of a drug addict,trying de-addiction. – by thisisrmb (Rahul Bhangadia)


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The symptoms of love and drug addiction are scarily similar. The only difference is that love is usually more damaging. – by Hello_Whitty_ (Whitney Hilliard)