Hubert Selby Jr – It Will Be Better Tomorrow


Hubert Selby Jr – It Will Be Better Tomorrow – Narrated by Robert Downey Jr, powerful and thrilling documentary on the author of ‘Requiem for a Dream.’ Narrated by Robert Downey, Jr, featuring: Lou Reed, Ellen Burstyn, Jared Leto, Darren Aronofsky, Uli Edel, Henry Rollins, Jerry Stahl, Richard Price, Nick Tosches. This documentary is a harrowing and engaging exploration into the life and art of the renowned author Hubert Selby Jr, who, against all odds, overcame tuberculosis, drug addiction and financial ruin to reach international acclaim with his controversial novels. His canon of work represents 7 of the most remarkable and distinctly American books ever written. His novels LAST EXIT TO BROOKLYN and REQUIEM FOR A DREAM went on to gain the literary respect they deserved and both become major motion pictures.


'Death in Small Doses' and 'Murder Is My Beat': Big Rigs, Blond Bombshells

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An addictive 79-minute dosage of gear-grinding, pill-popping, big-rig noir reclaimed from the truck stop of obscurity by the curio-curating connoisseurs at the Warner Archive Collection, "Death in Small Doses" is one of two new additions to the …
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