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Dual Diagnosis Treatment in a Drug and Alcohol Rehab –Miramar Drug Rehab Center – Miramar drug and alcohol treatment center (888) 363-8721. www.miramarlagunabeach.com To understand dual diagnosis treatment in a drug and alcohol rehab setting, dual diagnosis must be defined Dual Diagnosis is the presence of one or more psychiatric issues combined with the abusing of drugs or alcohol. Dual diagnosis treatment typically begins with a thorough assessment by a psychiatrist and/or psychologist of the clients psychiatric issues and the context in which they are manifested. Medication management is a significant part of this assessment process. Following detox, an individualized treatment plan is developed and executed for the client. This plan is utilized and modified, as needed, throughout the duration of the dual diagnosis and drug and alcohol treatment period. It is critical to treat both the psychiatric disorder(s), as well as the drug and alcohol abuse, as substance abuse increases the risk of psychiatric disorders and vice versa. For more detail email us on [email protected]


EEG provides insight into drug-related choice in addiction, potential

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Their research, which was published online in the journal Brain November 12, 2012, may help improve rehabilitation outcomes for individuals with limited awareness of their own choices. This condition, known as impaired insight, makes drug …
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Celebrity feud: Michael Lohan versus 'Octomom' Nadya Suleman; who is lying?

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"I was contacted by my Gina Rodriguez to put together a TREATMENT PLAN and FACILITY for Nadya! Those things … According to WebMD, Xanax can have side effects that include: difficulty with breathing, seizures, and in some rare cases drug addiction.
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