Does Anyone Know a Short Story to Adapt Into a Script?

Question by Michael W: Does anyone know a short story to adapt into a script?
I am looking for a short story for class to adapt into a stage piece. If anyone has any suggestions,I am looking for a piece that is very dark.I want to represent the opposite view of a seemingly one sided situation. Such as a molesters side of a rape or a murder as justified by the killer. A drug addiction story that is very layered,it only has to be fiction. So if you can help I would appreciate your input. I would prefer contempory suggestions and no edgar allen poe.

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Answer by Steve S
uhhh are you ok?

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"If you remove the shame and stigma of addiction, people start to see it as a disease," DeGree said. "My whole goal is to be open and honest — to be really honest — in case anyone else is going through the same thing. Drug addicts aren't bad people …
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