Do You Need Help With Alcohol or Substance Abuse?

Question by Claudia: Do you need help with alcohol or substance abuse?
If you need help with alcohol or drug addiction please click this link and get free help. This is the National Addiction Hotline. Receive thousands of dollars in substance abuse benefits. Check it out on this website. People are standing by ready to help you. This is the first step for getting the help that you need.

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Answer by jennifer
Thank you, I do not have a problem but my mom does.

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800 Alcohol-Largest Alcohol Help Hotline in the Country – The Accountability Training Program® is a comprehensive system of program management, operational standards, and offender-curriculum compiled by Stephen K. Valle, Sc.D., MBA This is the cornerstone of ACJS’s public safety model of treatment. Working in full partnership with Criminal Justice system administrators and managers, ACJS provides a range of services that meet the specific and unique needs of the sentenced offender and that assist institutions in inmate management and recidivism reduction. In research funded by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) ours is the only model of correctional treatment that has been independently evaluated and proven to reduce recidivism and result in taxpayer saving (Klien and Wilson, 2003). ACJS is the only vendor in the commonwealth to achieve such a distinction. ADCARE HOSPITAL is guided by foremost experts in the field of addiction treatment and is fully equipped to treat individuals at all levels of addiction, including patients with more complex medical or psychiatric needs. Guided by foremost experts in the field of addiction treatment, AdCare Hospital offers nationally recognized inpatient treatment for individuals and families affected by alcohol and drug diseases. Choosing treatment takes courage, but getting help is the first step toward recovery. AdCare Hospital, which has grown to include a network of conveniently located outpatient clinics, is nationally accredited by The Joint Commission.


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