Christians: Which One of These Examples a Better Environment for a Child to Be Raised In?

Question by ChooseRealityPLEASE: Christians: Which one of these examples a better environment for a child to be raised in?
A household where the parents/guardians are a Male and Female, but the male parent is an alcoholic and is cheating on the female and the female smokes and has a mild drug addiction.


A household where both parents are male, drug-free, non-smokers, in a committed relationship?

Please don’t add another example, the purpose of this question is to determine which of these 2 particular scenarios you would deem acceptable for raising a child.

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Answer by cryptic_non_sequitur
Are the druggies christian?

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New Life Russia 02 PT01 – Understanding that addiction – is, first, a spiritual problem, the Center appealed to the clergy of different Christian denominations, representatives of various NGOs working with drug addicts, doctors, psychologists, asking for meetings, seminars and conferences in order to change swept the modern youth of Philosophy and subcultures, which are an integral part of the drugs, and the reorientation of social values in the generally accepted norms of morality in society, when returned to society a healthy person can take responsibility for their lives, their family, for their city, for their country. The Center works only with organizations registered in the manner prescribed by law and interested in helping drug addicts, as well as with representatives of all levels of government. While not primarily a religious organization, the Center addresses the spiritual experience of various Christian denominations (Lutherans, Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox), sincerely interested in helping drug addicts, with a view to conveying their common Christian consciousness foundation truths of common sense and a healthy lifestyle, common to all faiths . However, understanding the reality of some religious contradictions and discrepancies in the RC prohibited propaganda religious hatred and religious intolerance, fundamentally contradicts the very spirit of Christianity based on love for God and neighbor.


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