Can Someone Give Me an Overview of How a Drug Treatment Is Supposed to Be Like?

Question by ashlie dh: Can someone give me an overview of how a drug treatment is supposed to be like?
I mean, guidelines or principles that a drug treatment program must abide by. Surely there are stuff such as this so that they’ll know how to handle different cases. I would just like to know them. Thanks.

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Answer by clare 3xr
Yes, there are indeed guidelines and principles that must be taken into account before experts devise a treatment program. These are also factors that individuals must take into account before going into, or sending a loved one into a drug rehab program.

* Treatment does not have to be voluntary for it to be effective. However, the patient must make a conscious effort not to do drugs again once he is out of rehab so as not to fall into relapse.
* There is no single treatment that can be administered to all individuals as each one’s need varies.
* The availability of treatment is important.
* The time spent in treatment must be adequate for it to be effective.
* An effective treatment program would take into account the other needs of the patient and not just his drug addiction.
* The treatment must always be assessed and modified (if necessary) to meet the person’s needs.
* Detoxification is only the first step of addiction treatment.
* Treatment programs should assess whether the patient has HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B or C, or other infectious diseases.
* Recovery from addiction is a long-term process and treatment must therefore include follow-ups.

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