Any Good Online Support Groups for Family Members of Someone Who Attempted Suicide?

Question by Tibby: Any good online support groups for family members of someone who attempted suicide?
I know there are a lot of groups for suicide survivors, but I was wondering if anyone knows of something for people who are coping with the shock of a relative who tried but didn’t succeed. This happened on Monday and I’ve been having a pretty difficult time understanding and dealing with this. Thanks.

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Answer by smithlette
Wow. You sound exactly like me a few months ago. My mom tried to take her life, and it was absolutely the worst thing. It was bad, and I completely feel for you. Its hard to wrap your mind around, and you and your family member are in my thoughts. (((HUGS)))

There is a great website called There are many groups on that website, and you will find one that will help with the shock of the attempted suicide.

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