ALF Liberation at the University of Iowa


ALF Liberation At The University Of Iowa – Communique: The Animal Liberation Front is claiming responsibility for the liberation of 401 animals from the University of Iowa in the early hours of November 14th, 2004. All animals on the third floor of the UI psychology department — 88 mice and 313 rats — were removed, examined and treated by a sympathetic veterinarian, and placed in loving homes. Additionally, two animal labs and three vivisector’s offices were entered and all contents relating to animal research were destroyed. These are: 4th Floor – Spence Labs: Vivisector Ed Wasserman’s lab entered. Dozens of computers and devices used in experiments on live pigeons were destroyed. Basement – Spence Labs: Lab of vivisector Mark Blumburg and others entered. Surgical equipment and small animal stereotaxic devices, as well as “shock boxes” and other instruments of torture destroyed. 4th Floor – Seashore Hall Primate researcher Joshua Rodefer’s office entered. Computer discs, hard drives, paperwork and photos showing Rodefer’s work confining drug addicted primates in small glass boxes removed. The remaining paperwork detailing his monstrous work addicting primates and rats to narcotics was soaked in acid and the computer destroyed. 1st Floor – Seashore Hall Primate researcher Amy Poremba’s office entered. Computers destroyed, documents removed, and the remainder soaked in acid. This raid was carried out to halt the barbaric research of the UI Psychology Department’s 7 primary animal researchers: Professors Poremba


IA Prescription Overdose Deaths Up

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MASON CITY, IA- The number of deaths from prescription drug overdoses has hit a record number in Iowa. That's according to an annual report from the Governor's office of Drug Control Policy. These kinds of pain relief drugs are … Experts at treatment …
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Parents Kept Teens In Basement, Fed Them Under Locked Door, Cops Say

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ANKENY, Iowa — A mother and father have been charged with false imprisonment after their adopted teenage children told authorities their parents locked them in the basement of their suburban Des Moines home for weeks, only allowed them out for school …
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Colo., Wash. await federal response to pot measure. Should marijuana be treated like alcohol? Or should it remain in the same legal category as heroin and the most dangerous drugs? Votes this week by Colorado and Washington to allow adult … scores of …