WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS From ALCOHOL and DRUGS. a Terrible Experience.


WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS From ALCOHOL and DRUGS. A Terrible Experience. – Please subscribe to my channel and “like” my video! I make new videos here every Wednesday! Share, Feel Good! Thanks Jake WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS From ALCOHOL an…


Farrah Abraham: Taking Drinking and Drugs Seriously Because the #MomInMe

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“Take Drinking & Drugs seriously! the #MomInMe cares,” Farrah Abraham tweeted this week, with a photo of her blood alcohol concentration calculator. "#No Drinking for #6 months #NoProblem, Now time to #Party 🙂 !!" If only the mom in her cared before …
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Young people trapped by drugs and alcohol

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YOUNG people who binge drink on weekends or take recreational drugs can easily become trapped by drug and alcohol addiction, according to an Orange drug and alcohol counsellor. YOUNG people who binge drink on weekends or take recreational drugs …
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Leader of alcohol and drug abuse group arrested for DWI

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SARATOGA SPRINGS – The Prevention Council is Saratoga County's leading agency for preventing alcohol and drug abuse. At the council's event in March, a motivational speaker encouraged students to have a safe spring, by making good choices, …
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VMAC Seeks Input On Drug, Alcohol Survey

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This year the Verona Municipal Alliance Committee (VMAC) is required to create a new grant in order to receive funding for 2014-2017 from the Governor's Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (GCADA). The purpose of this email is to ask you to provide your …
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17 Responses to WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS From ALCOHOL and DRUGS. a Terrible Experience.

  • mndude1986 says:

    Omg its terrible?

  • twest451 says:

    Smoke meth, hail? Satan.

  • feshafsekenhaf says:

    Alcohol is demonic.? Don’t drink it!!!

  • JakesShowcase says:

    Don’t worry I will, I have one but haven’t released it. Who knows maybe I should. It’s not what I had planned for the video I’m preparing today. I’m still learning. I want to catch on and want to be? real to. Still learning the mix. Thanks Jake

  • coolsatpalsingh2 says:

    Good video? jake.Please make more life troubles video and how to deal with it.

  • David Allen says:

    Coming off a bender is horrible. Noises, seeing things fly past my head, nightmarish? visions when I shut my eyes, no sleep.I have tried to reduce booze gradually the last few, with the result hat I start to think I am in control…yeah right! I have a friend in hospital at the moment. He is not coming out. His liver and kidneys are shutting down. He was on 15 pints of Tuborg and a crumpet or maybe two, for his nutrition. It is very sad.

  • CureCode1 says:

    Its not drugs and alcohol that are the true cause of suffering, but it is? the suffering that comes first from out identification with thoughts, ideas and feelings that will pass anyway.

  • dbts808 says:

    Anyone who says “alcohol and drugs” is mentally handicapped. Alcohol is a drug, in every sense of the word, and therefore requires no separate mention.?

  • JakesShowcase says:

    Thank Again Collin, Yeah it’s true drugs and alcohol, can be such a beyond black hole. I happy that you have it behind you as well. But? it’s so important to keep our eye on the prize and that is to enjoy our moments the best we can right now. Thanks Jake

  • Collin Holdfield says:

    Holy shitballs Jake, this vid makes me glad I gave up the dope and? booze. Had my own personal battles with drugs, mostly heroine and pills. I totally relate to what you’re talkin about.
    Stay up Jake, proud of ya!

  • JakesShowcase says:

    Thank You For the encouragement. Jake?

  • Betty McTubes says:

    Keep it up,? I wish you all the best xoxoxo

  • SnakeRiverFishing says:

    Peace be with you and all brother. Also, electrolytes, the salts are stripped from the body and responsible for a good most of the ill feeling and cloudy thinking associated with quitting. Drinking straight water makes this even worse and can kill easily. Use Gatorade or? Powerade mixes, take extra vitamin C, B and magnesium with calcium and zinc. The damage is from what alcohol strips, remember, it’s a solvent that will take the grease off an engine. Wonderful of you to care for others and post.

  • JakesShowcase says:

    Thank You? Snake River Fishing for commenting. You are right there should be more education about alcohol. I also agree that the glamorization of alcohol in media and marketing as really not good or accurate. Thanks Jake

  • SnakeRiverFishing says:

    We really need education across the board. Alcohol takes over the brains ability to regulate heartbeat is why most cannot quit, withdraws start with the first sip and become severe after 72 hours when the heart rate starts escalating away, when you witness someone says they NEED a drink, they do. It is as dictionary def of poison as it gets yet is glamorized everywhere. What does work for the physical withdraw along with the obvious desire is Librium (chlordiazepoxide) and must be asked for.?

  • JakesShowcase says:

    I am so, so, sorry for you. From person to person the dramatic and real? effects that alcohol and drugs can do to a person’s body and mind can span such a wide spectrum. Your mother’s situation sounds so hard. I can’t tell you how much my heart goes out to you and your family. Jake

  • Orri Greaves says:

    My mom is in the hospital right now for alcohol detox. We don’t know how well she will recover, if she will ever be? mobile again or if there is any damage to her brain due to the DTs and other complications. At not even 50 years old, my mom needs a liver transplant. Alcoholism is so dangerous, I’m 21 and I almost lost my mom because of her addiction.

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