The Force Feed – WoW Addiction & Dragon’s Dogma (The Force Feed: Jan 31st)


The Force Feed – WoW Addiction & Dragon’s Dogma (The Force Feed: Jan 31st) – Force Strategy Gaming presents: The Force Feed Syndicate Demo Trailer: Steam Mobile App: h…


14 of the Sweetest ' Donut Alternatives ' from Around the World

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Pumpkin pie bao. Where to find them: Beginning in the autumn through the winter season, the Chicago fast food company Wow Bao pumps asian buns with pumpkin pie spiced filling and we've seriously contemplated a weekend hop to Chicago just to grab some …
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Bad day at work ? Man trouble ? A new outfit's the perfect pick – me – up

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When I recounted this story to a friend, she said: 'Wow, it's like Selfridges was your church.' I have to face facts: this is an addiction. And Melanie Davis, head of the addiction treatment programme at The Priory Hospital, North London, seems to agree.
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14 Responses to The Force Feed – WoW Addiction & Dragon’s Dogma (The Force Feed: Jan 31st)

  • BlackWizard Zeref says:

    It’s not the same, to a certain extant. All Addiction is the same if you give up getting up to get food, because you want to keep playing. But playing when ever you have the time is different from taking drugs when ever you have the time, for one you can take drugs and go to work, second Drugs are bad for health, Computer games exercise the brain. 3rd a computer game can get boring, and will not want? to play, drugs you will always want.

  • TheSephiroth5 says:

    Well,Dragons Dogma was worht it.I threw away the RES6? demo and just played DD til i dropped.

  • gus12368 says:

    Will? I get a free virus too?

  • Shobolanul5thF says:

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  • jonnyangel2002 says:

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  • Slingshot Footy says:

    I? want to see an outtakes episode!

  • xXMaaNniiack says:

    I play wow but since a hit? lvl 85 whit my deathknight its becoming kind of bored :/

  • heiderosemarie says:

    I totaly agree! I? played WoW since Vanilla as well – and well, I can say I was addicted too. Beside playing WoW I made an apprenticeship, worked as well. Now I’m an A+ student, spending some time doing internship and studying abroad and still playing WoW from time to time – so both is possible 😉

  • Roshan3L says:

    never ever regret the days months and years i played wow, better then being a teenager hanging on the street going out all weekends and dont stay home, study and? having a computer opens up many doors

  • PsiloCybinDreamX says:

    kinda funny man, when diablo2 was? in its prime in like 2003-2004 all I could think about was getting hgome and playing it. I even ditched some of my highschool classes to rush home to play

  • kallemoreus says:

    @p3tr0114 true, true but? i mix them up a little bit…

  • p3tr0114 says:

    Video game addiction is similar to drug addiction. They? do it to escape reality.

  • Sgtdegx says:

    i was playing wow on? new years

  • shukucci says:

    u are just so beautiful i want to? hug u

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