The Faces of Drug Addiction


The Faces of Drug Addiction – If you want to learn more on what addiction and how it can be treated I can not urge enough to see Pleasure Unwoven by Kevin McCauley Dr Kevin McCauley gives…


Jindera doctor's temporary ban

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Jindera doctor's temporary ban. July 3, 2013, 8:44 a.m.. Jindera's sole general practitioner, Dr Glen Mobilia has been temporarily banned from prescribing drugs of addiction pending a section 150 hearing. … The temporary ban covers drugs listed as …
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Americas other drug problem: prescriptions not taken

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The problem is not illegal drugs or drug abuse, but rather an alarming percentage of Americans who do not take their prescriptions as instructed. Approximately 125,000 … Physicians, nurses and other caregivers can help by better educating the patient …
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Marijuana legalization: Latest statistics supporting it are misleading

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Legalizing any drug, including marijuana, can have serious consequences, as it can promote greater use and availability–as pointed out here by the White House, as well as increase the rates of addiction, increase crime related to its use, and …


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