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Are Punitive Damages Available in Nevada Prescription Drug Case?


Are punitive damages available in Nevada prescription drug case? – Matt Sharp, Law Offices of Matthew L. Sharp, (775) 835-4553. Nevada Prescription Drug Law FAQs: Disclaimer: http:…


Pat Buchanan defends stop-and-frisk: 'You go where the ducks are' [VIDEO]

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I don't see what the big objection is to having a small camera if the cops know that they are being watched. Maybe they will behave for responsibly. I think it is pretty obvious that there is police abuse of the warrantless searches. The people that …
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Overeem And Hall Not Living Up To The Hype

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To add to his troubles, because of his previous failed drug tests, Overeem could not even obtain a therapeutic-use exemption for Testosterone Replacement Therapy from the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Thus, he walked into his February fight with …
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