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I Would Like to Find Addiction Treatment Centers in Apple Valley, California. How?

Question by anya iw: I would like to find addiction treatment centers in Apple Valley, California. How?
I would really like to become an addiction counselor someday. I have lost a lot of people in my life to alcohol or drug addiction and it really hurt me so. This is what made me realize that I would like to help a lot of addicts get their life back. This way, I would also be saving their loved ones from a lot of pain. I want to find addiction treatment centers so that I may be able to know what are the things I must do so that I will be qualified to become a counselor.

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Answer by alicia b
Having a background in psychology will help you immensely. I think you will also have to undergo a program regarding addiction counseling before you become qualified to become an addiction counselor. The second link that I have included below will get to help you in finding treatment centers. Just ask them for the requirements and while you’re at it, you could probably ask the counselors there about their experience so you would know what to expect.

Good luck! I really hope that you get to achieve this dream. We need lots more people like you in this world.

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