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What’s the Name of That Drug That the Brain Produces That Works Like a “reward” for Your Mind?

Question by Robin: What’s the name of that drug that the brain produces that works like a “reward” for your mind?
When you do something good, like eat your favourite food or masturbate, the brain releases some kind of drug that makes you feel good. I can’t remember the name of it. All responses appreciated, thank you.

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The Power In You – A chart-topping country singer is lending his talent to help Utah kids. When Collin Raye heard about the “Power in You” program and its aim to help teens face challenges such as bullying, drug abuse and eating disorders, he wanted to help. So Raye agreed to record their theme song, “The Power in You” which will be used at events to help inspire teens to find their own power within. “It’s a big powerful poetic reminder of how not only do you have to make decisions, but you have to be around people who are going to help you do that, and it’s very difficult on your own” says Raye


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Utah health leaders are warning doctors, pharmacists and recovering drug addicts to do even more to ensure a new medicine does not fall into the wrong hands. Three Utah deaths — of a teenager and two adults — have been linked to the drug in the past …
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An early look at the 2013 NFL draft

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Another scout compared Ogletree to Odell Thurman, another former Georgia MLB whose promising career in Cincinnati was cut short by drug abuse in the mid-2000s. The scout said Ogletree was the best player on the Bulldogs' defense despite the presence …
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