Russell Brand BBC Documentary ‘I Took Drugs Every Day’


Russell Brand BBC Documentary ‘I Took Drugs Every Day’ – Russell Brand has told Newsnight’s Stephanie Flanders he believes in ”abstinence-based recovery” as a method to tackle drug and alcohol addiction. The come…


So Much of What We 'Know' About Addiction Treatment Is Wrong

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Showing addicts how to inject drugs safely preserves addicts' health and saves lives — while alcoholics follow brief advice to drink less. Can this be true? Here is some information that might make us believe these things. There's something very …
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6.4 million drug addicts in Pakistan

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Married drug addicts have high probability of having mentally retarded and physically handicapped children. Young people who use cannabis are doubling their risk of psychotic symptoms like schizophrenia, hallucinations, hearing voices etc, said Dr. Ashraf.
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Addiction Complicates Treatment of PTSD

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A huge number of those who abuse drugs have suffered, or currently suffer from post traumatic stress disorder — the abuse of substances is often a way of coping with the symptoms of PTSD, or becomes a further addiction because of the way that …
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21 Responses to Russell Brand BBC Documentary ‘I Took Drugs Every Day’

  • wordgrrl71 says:

    Oh yeah right? on to start with Rehab by AW.

  • TheGoodNewsforall says:

    Please kindly see thewarningsecondcoming? dotcom

  • Laura Hodges says:

    I never? realized what an incredibly intellegent, educated and articulate man he is.

  • MrPsiloDeuce says:

    you are funny, limit the availability??? That is impossible especially with these new type? of chemists that are making illegal opiate analogs 10x stronger than pure heroin, it literally has to be weighed in micrograms or you will od. These are sold as “Research Chemicals”. Made in Chinese labs and cut big time to prevent od, and sold as heroin here in the US. This is a trend I am seeing. Along with Heroin laced with Fentanyl, called “Black Jack”, which is also very very dangerous stuff.

  • MrPsiloDeuce says:

    Real talk here folks. Methadone maintenance for opiate addiction, and yes I know from years of painfull expierience, is just like replacing wiskey with beer. Sure your doing better than u were with the heroin but you still need to see the drug man/clinic every? day or you will be sick as a dog longer than you would from reg heroin withdrawl. Methadone withdrawl takes a month after tapering down to 20mg, before you even start to feel like a human again. I am currently on suboxone 8mg and tapering

  • mrduffy1100 says:

    He so up? his own arse.

  • Manueelaa says:

    I guess that depends on what exactly you mean by disease. Because if you went with that, everyone would have some kind of disease… I don’t see? it like that. We are all just people with different personalities. And some struggle more than others.
    I’m just not sure if it helps them if they see it as a disease.

    “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

  • ciarateneya81 says:

    yes you do. you just explained that there is no cure? but to live in fear. that there is nothing that can be done about it besides watching it happen. that sounds like a disease mentality to me.

  • ciarateneya81 says:

    alcohol and addiction are simply ‘by products’ of a? human existance on this planet. you say the term is unhelpful, i am curious to know how labelling a different disease does any more help?

  • ciarateneya81 says:

    how is terming a? person psychologically ‘defective’ and more helpful?

  • aap910 says:

    that? was tight

  • Vítor Guilherme says:

    I’m doing? it with alcohol, it’s going great

  • EarlKrempe says:

    Can you? back that up?

  • Vítor Guilherme says:

    abstinence’s a better? way if you can do it

  • EarlKrempe says:

    I believe Iboga? treatment has higher rates of success than abstinance only methods.

  • Matt Stocks says:

    Disease is an unhelpful term as people interpret it too literally . Alcoholism and addiction are the by products of people with addictive personalities who have a coinciding psychological disorder such as anxiety, bipolar, depression which they desperately seek relief from. Picture your mind is racing with disturbing thoughts that are making you miserable, barely able to function and physically unwell and u knew a drink? could take it away. Would u take the drink?

  • Manueelaa says:

    I don’t think it’s a disease.. yes there are people with a general tendancy to suffer from addiction and if that goes hand in hand with a certain curiosity and a lack of awareness… they are much more at risk to become drug addicts. I don’t really think anyone can change that.. there always will be people? with those characteristics… so all I can propose is to spread the awareness about the danger concerning drugs and try to limit the availability.

  • Andrés Rojas Antón says:

    Here’s the KEY point. Government: We don’t have money to spend—- Response —- Because money is being spent in dealing with the RESULT and not the CAUSE. Whereas the dealing with the result is more expensive because it doesn’t stop it thereby making it a continuous money expenditure, dealing with the root cause? (psychological and sociology economical issues) you truly make a dent in the problem. END OF STORY!

  • Suzanne Sheets says:

    You are correct that Freedom Of Speech is your right, but why waste it here if you do not respect or like? the artist? That was my point.

  • railman01 says:

    Freedom of speech is my god given right, and, he’s still a cunt, love.?

  • Suzanne Sheets says:

    I agree Charles! Russell is so wonderful at expressing things in such a charming manner. Your comment shows that you too are a very classy? gentleman and that is so refreshing after the stupidity of some that comment on here. Thank you.

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