PBS NewsHour Excerpt: Prescription Drug Abuse Aired 5-3-13


PBS NewsHour Excerpt: Prescription Drug Abuse aired 5-3-13 – In this excerpt from the PBS NewsHour, correspondent Betty Ann Bowser looks at what Oklahoma is doing to battle prescription drug abuse, and the addiction th…


NY Senator Wants to Cut College Student Prescription Drug Abuse

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Prescription drug abuse among college students is rampant and now New York Senator Schumer wants new regulations to halt the “academic doping.” If you or someone you know is suffering from a prescription drug dependency, contact a professional detox …
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Missing enzyme linked to drug addiction

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Drug addiction occurs, in part, because opioid-containing drugs alter the brain's biochemical balance of naturally produced opioids. Nationwide, drug abuse of opioid-containing prescription drugs is skyrocketing, and researchers are trying to identify …
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Guest: Prevent prescriptiondrug deaths with a medicine-return program

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The toddler who finds Mom's medicine and accidentally poisons himself. The father who becomes addicted to pain pills and accidentally overdoses. In 2010, 209 King County residents died from an overdose of prescription drugs. That's a loss of life …
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