Outpatient Drug Treatment Programs


Outpatient Drug Treatment Programs – Outpatient Drug Treatment Programs – Carrying recovery back into daily life bit.ly (877) 903-2532 Outpatient drug treatment programs at The Recovery Place are used as an effective support for patients who have finished our residential drug and alcohol treatment programs. For some patients who have strong family support, an outpatient drug treatment program may help them continue their daily work and school lives, while still getting the treatment that they need. For others a combination of residential treatment followed by an outpatient drug treatment program is the best choice. Before coming to The Recovery Place, Greg’s life was out of control. Greg explains, “I was a heroin addict for 10 years, in and out of detox and jail. I lost my family, my friends and myself. After the residential program, I came to TRP’s outpatient program 3 nights a week.” Greg has been clean for 21 months now. By continuing his drug treatment as an outpatient, Greg gets the support he needs to continue recovering and make sure that his relapse plan is working.


Paul Metler and Joe Kuchenbuch: Quality substance abuse programs are

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The article interviewed two residential programs, which constitute a small proportion of individuals treated for substance abuse. The majority of treatment for alcohol and drug abuse occurs in outpatient settings due to accessibility and cost …
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Kentucky works to give addicted inmates treatment while still behind bars

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Marion County jail is doing several programs aimed at getting people off substance abuse treatment. Brigette Smith, from Carrolton, Ky. is in jail for burglery, possesion, wanton endangerment, and stolen property. She is in the substance abuse …
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