I Need to Know the Location of a Treatment Center That Require Addicts to Work to Pay for Their Treatment.?

Question by forjesus: I need to know the location of a treatment center that require addicts to work to pay for their treatment.?
I am searching for an inpatient drug/alcohol treatment center/program that requires the client with no-insurance or other assistance to work a job within the treatment program itself to pay for the treatment they need. If you choose to answer please leave a website address or information on the program. Thank You!

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Answer by freshbliss
What you are looking for are halfways or three quater houses. From what I know personally about these – I dont know if I would recommend them. Here in Detroit, and in nearby Pontiac there are all sorts of them – and they are difficult to stay clean in because many of the residents are getting high there – that part about working only gives them a chance to a) leave the premises with b) the money that they have access to…

In either case, look in your phone book under “community mental health” – they will be able to point you in the right direction.
Good Luck

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