How to Legally Deal With Someone Who Is Terrorizing Entire Neighborhood?

Question by CassandraM: How to legally deal with someone who is terrorizing entire neighborhood?
There is a new neighbor who has completely turned our neighborhood upside down overnight. He’s already been arrested for breaking into three homes in this area, but incidents of vandalism, threats, and attempted break-ins continue to occur throughout the neighborhood. Nothing like this ever occurred before he moved here. He can be seen pacing almost manic-like in his yard for hours at a time. It’s when he disppears from sight that things start to happen. Everyone is angry or afraid, and we want to take our neighborhood back…but how do we do it and still be legal?

ps Additional facts: He is 22 years old, but lives with his parents. He is not merely a known drug addict with a history of rehab – he is highly volatile, disturbed and very angry….alot of mental issues apart from the drug abuse.

Apart from catching him in the act while he’s breaking into the latest house, do we have any recourse on how to deal with this situation? Help!

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Answer by Michael S
I would hire a private detective. Although these services can be expensive if you have the funds of the entire neighborhood behind you it would be failry reasonable.

A private eye has a license to do what he or she does and is therefore protected under the law. For a citizen to do what a private eye does is not only dangerous but usually illegal.

A private eye can get you the information you need on this guy to put him away in jail for good.

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4 Responses to How to Legally Deal With Someone Who Is Terrorizing Entire Neighborhood?

  • hannibal61577 says:

    Take care of it the next time he breaks into a house. Just make sure he lands inside the house and never gets back up again. No problem.

    Nobody should have to put up with crap like that.

  • mad as hell says:

    Have a gun and leave a window open for him..just make sure you shoot him in the front and he’s all the way inside the house.

  • kenny says:

    It is a sad thing how the law seems unable to deal with these sort of situations and how one out of control individual can cause such mayhem. I would imagine legal recourse is the only way but a lawyer may know. If he is breaking into places and it can be proven you are on the way to getting your legal grounds

    Illegal means!! Sometimes a hiding can help but these things sometimes can spin out of control- as can legal means.

  • Chesty LaRue says:

    I think he should be hogtied with his drug of choice put just out of his reach

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