How to Get Off of Narcotic Pain Meds?

Question by virgos are better: How to get off of narcotic pain meds?
I have been using many types of pain medicine for months now. I am now up to 15 – 20 pills per day. I am ashamed to admit that I have been doctor shopping and I want to stop. I have an appointment with a pain management specialist in 2 days. I was wondering if I should be honest with them and if they will start weening me off of the meds. I really want to stop but am afraid of going “cold turkey”. Can anyone offer some advice?

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Answer by minootoo
Drop it one a day.

19,18,17,——————to regular amount needed if needed and recommended by the doctor. Or to Zero.

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3 Responses to How to Get Off of Narcotic Pain Meds?

  • Sherry M says:

    Find a doc who prescribes suboxone it will help you off of it. I know I did it

  • christopherniedzwiecki says:

    Go to the clinic and TELL THEM. They can taper your dosing, give you other pain management treatments, etc. The main thing is to be honest- they need to know what you put into your body so they can help you properly. Most Doctors/Nurses will give you more respect if you are up front and honest- tell them your fears/concerns.
    When you are addicted, it is important to have people who you can trust to talk to openly about these things- your Doctor can’t tell the police or your family/friends.

    Good luck

  • MyMarriageRocks says:

    Well I too used to be a pain pill addict. My drug of choice was Loricets 10mgs. But I would take perkacets and sometimes Oxy. And I became addicted in months. I know you shouldn’t and maybe can’t quit cold turkey. I’m not sure all of the withdrawl effets..when I would go a day or 2 without pills I would get shakey and sick. But I’m not sure if you will have a seizure or not. So it’s best to never quit cold turkey.

    I was very ashamed also and only a select few knew. (close friends who were also ‘junkies’)

    You do need to stop taking 15-20 pills a day is a lot. I think I hit 10 maybe 12?? I forget. Ok…so you have several options.
    1. Tell your doctor and be prepared for them to put in you Rehab.

    2. Check yourself into Rehab yourself.

    3. Ween yourself off. Let’s say you take the max 20 pills a day. Then every day cut back by 1 pill. Or every other day do that.

    4. Not sure how safe this is but stop take only like 1-2 a day and go through withdrawls. those are pretty much your options. I couldn’t quit and my story of how I quit is very rare. I was in Las Vegas at my Cuz. wedding and her brother is a preacher. He asked If I had ever been saved…long story short…I got saved and then I confessed to him I was a drug addict he prayed for me. I seriously thought it was bologna…I ran out of pain meds while in Vegas and I was freking out thinking I would have withdrawls..but I never had another withdrawal again.
    I did relapse twice since 2006 but I have been sober for almost 2 years now.

    I do know this that I heard about while watching Intervention on the A&E channel. This one woman was addicted to pain pillls. And the intervenoist told her family that an addict obviously builds up a tolerance for the drug and needs more and more to get high. (we know that) but what you may not know and I never did either is the intervenoist said the thing that is so dangerous about pain pills is lets say she is doing 20 pills a day every day..Well then the addict will eventually need more and the reason why pain pill addicts OD is because they took 1 ONLY ONE to many!!! That is scary! I mean I knew ppl could OD on pain pills but I thought if they were only used to like 5 a day and then decided to take 10 or 15. But say going from 20 to 21. I did NOT know that.

    I wish you all the luck in the world and if you ever need someone to talk to message me on here. I have myspace and Aol too if you are interested in a friend
    Good Luck

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