How Can a Drug Rehabilitation Program Help My Brother?

Question by levin j: How can a drug rehabilitation program help my brother?
I love my brother so much that it tears me apart seeing him gradually devastated by his drug addiction. I know that only drug rehabilitation programs can help but I wonder how they can actually do this. You see, I’m very particular since he’s the only brother that I have. Do you have any idea about what they have in the programs?

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Answer by edwina l
Drug rehabilitation programs today are systematically equipped to address all of an addict’s issues, covering his emotional hangovers to spiritual revival. As such, all rooms for drug abuse will eventually be taken from his familiar system. Programs actually involve detoxification, counseling, behavioral therapies, medication, and group meetings. But of course, the treatment program that will be assigned to a particular patient is still dependent on the intensity of his addiction.

Now, I’m hoping for your brother’s recovery.

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