Drug Treatment News 2012: Are Predictions of the End of the World in 2012 Overblown?

Have you heard the news? The world will end in 2012. Better get your affairs in order now!

Some people are sure the world and all its people will disappear in some cataclysm on December 21, 2012. They base their predictions in part on the ancient Mayan calendar, which comes to an end on that date.

But what if predictions of the end of the world in 2012 are exaggerated?

In the existing Mayan codices (the few that survived being consigned to the flames by the Spaniards), there are no explicit predictions of the world ending in 2012. Some of them do talk about times of travails ahead, but make it clear that humanity will survive.

Many ancient prophecies as well as modern scientific prognosticators agree that 2012 will not be a fun year. For many people, it will be simply dreadful, and there’s no use trying to sugar coat that fact.

But I believe that most of us will emerge from the storms of 2012 to inherit a better world than the one we inhabit at present.

Just today (as I write this) there was a news story about a virus that has been discovered, which if injected into a tumor can reverse cancers otherwise deemed incurable. A new drug called Reolysin, containing particles of the reovirus, is showing remarkable success in shrinking tumors in patients who have also undergone radiotherapy.

This is great news, and just one small example of the advances in medical technology and other fields of human knowledge that will improve people’s lives tremendously in years to come. Wonderful discoveries such as more effective cancer treatments continue to be announced, even as political and economic developments lurch from one depressing event to another.

It is this positive news that keeps me going in the face of my belief that rough times are ahead. Following the tumults, the bright calm will descend. We who live until then will be the beneficiaries.

So, yes, predictions of the end of the world in 2012 are overblown. On the other hand they do contain fragments of the truth about the upheavals to come. I advise you to do the same thing I am doing, which is to study both the prophecies and the evidence to come to your own conclusion as to what to believe.

Want to learn more about what’s coming for 2012?

Don’t believe everything you hear about 2012 and what it will mean to you personally – but don’t dismiss it all, either. The truth is out there and can be known. See the 2012 Predictions site at http://www.2012alarm.com.

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