Drug Busts Illustrate Extent of Utah Drug Problem


Drug busts illustrate extent of Utah drug problem – Two major drug busts Tuesday illustrate the extent of drug use in Utah. The first involved the arrest of 13 high school students in Weber county. The second:…


Retired Washington State Supreme Court Judge David Nichols speaks for LEAP

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Judge Nichols continues by stating: “This approach, what is euphemistically calls ''The Drug Problem', is really a matter of the policy on drugs". Judge Nichols stated that drug, alcohol and smoking will always exist as social problems, but how they …
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Obama plans international tax uniformity, organizes crackdown on legal tax

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President Barack Obama will use next week's G8 meeting to organize a community of governments to minimize companies' legal use of foreign tax laws, according to an aide. “The president has been focused on international efforts to reduce what is legal …
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FBI hasn't contacted a single tea party group in IRS probe, groups say

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The revelation suggests that the FBI is in no hurry to get to the bottom of the scandal, despite the Obama administration's promise to investigate the IRS's multi-year abuse of conservative groups. US-POLITICS-TAX-OBAMA. President Obama on May 15, 2013 …
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4 Responses to Drug Busts Illustrate Extent of Utah Drug Problem

  • 48snowbird says:

    utah will be the last to come out of it’s filthy air to a greener planet and some relief from the terroristic home invasions over a whiff of smoke going on daily ” just for fun? ”
    WASHINGTON knows it cures cancers, an acre = 500 gallons of bio fuel per season – breathe your toxic chemical air fueled on by hemp’s deadly replacements!

  • 48snowbird says:

    Oh! and if the sacred THCHemp Oil was available to the sick and dying here in Utah, there wouldn’t? be so many obituaries of those of you dying from cancer as Science has proven its ancient ability to kill cancer cells – God’s herbal creations and Trees are the best for the natural health of mankind – Safer and superior to all your chemical synthetic crap!

  • 48snowbird says:

    go get the young people! if marijuana ( which is harmless and beneficial to the body,) wasn’t illegal, maybe the perscription drug overdoses in utah wouldn’t lead the nation!- but no, they prefer war against God’s green Herb and innocent Hemp Tree- and filling their fat? ass pockets and jails –

  • srand911 says:

    The fact is people want drugs. We as a society have to decide if we want the money people spend on drugs to fund violent drug-cartels or if we would rather that money went back into society through a legally regulated market.

    For the past 50+? years we have funded the criminals… maybe it is time for a change…

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