Does Drug Rehab or Alcohol Really Work?


Does Drug rehab or alcohol really work? – San Clemente based 449 Recovery drug rehab center explains how drug rehab works. 449 Recovery drug Rehab center offers south orange county a real explanation…


Judge recuses himself from Harrell's D'Iberville DUI case

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Harrell's attorney told WLOX News, his client will not be in court Wednesday. Since the state is still waiting on some lab tests, all that will happen is a new court date will be set. Shortly after his Nashville arrest, Harrell entered a voluntary …
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'Hangover Part III' stays flat, unfunny, senseless

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It starts on a road trip to Arizona, where the deranged man-child Alan (Zach Galifianakis) — whose careless drug dispensing gets everything going so horribly, horribly wrong in movies I and II — is being taken to a rehab facility by his reluctant …
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