Can I Admit My 17 Year Old Son Into a Drug Rehab Center Without His Permission?

Question by cheebo: Can I admit my 17 Year Old son into a drug rehab center without his permission?
My son is 17 years old, and has a severe drug addiction problem. He’s on nearly every Hallucinogen, and smokes marijuana daily. He won’t go into a drug rehab program, we’ve tried before. Can I commit him without his consent? I’ve heard before that at 17 he needs to sign a consent form, which he won’t. But there must be a way to get him help, he’s not even 18 yet. We live in Vermont if that helps. Thank you for your answers, we greatly appreciate them.

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Answer by Wonderwall
just call the police on him then

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31 Responses to Can I Admit My 17 Year Old Son Into a Drug Rehab Center Without His Permission?

  • becca! says:

    I’d call the cops and ask them. They deal with this stuff all the time. Besides that, it sounds like your son needs a reality check.

  • Taylor says:

    I think you CAN and SHOULD. He may not be happy about it, but it could save his life.

  • [C????? ??????] says:

    You can because he’s still legally yours.

    But, rehab isn’t going to work unless he sees the problem himself and wants and is willing to change

  • Funeral says:

    It’s not right to commit people to things they don’t want to without them knowing. That’s possibly worse than doing drugs. You should tell him its illegal and threaten him with the Police. Vermont is a liberal state, their drug laws should be less severe and more reasonable. The police may put him on intervention and rehab, you won’t have to. Someday, he will thank you. I guarantee you that.

  • iz2c says:

    Well Vermont is a pretty liberal state, best thing to do is call up a criminal attorney that regularly deals with drug arrests and ask them about the law. Usually they can tell you over the phone, if not then make an appointment for a free consultation. Most attorney’s offer 30 minutes of free advice. If he were my kid I’d give him a choice, stop doing the dope immediately, go to a rehab, get and stay clean or kick his butt out of the house. Change the lock on your door too, until he’s ready to stop doing illegal drugs and disrespecting you under your own roof, he’s done. I’m willing to bet you’re missing a few items around the house or have wondered where some of the money went that you just knew was in your purse. Some how he’s getting money, is he ripping you off or stealing elsewhere? He’s getting money some how. Also, if you’re taking any type of prescription drugs lock them up somewhere he’d never think to look and count them so you know they’re all there. Sometimes tough love is the only love you can offer when they’re in rebellion like that. Often forcing a rehab will result in them initially getting clean but once they come home and start hanging out with the same friends it’s an accident waiting to happen again. He’s got to see the consequences to his actions. If you find drugs in his room, and yes I’d suggest you go through his room, then call the police and have him arrested. Refuse to post bail or allow him back home until he straightens up and goes to rehab on his own. Sometimes they really do have to hit bottom before they wake up. If he’s doing a lot of drugs causing hallucinations he probably won’t over dose and pot isn’t going to kill him either.

  • au contraire, je t'aime™ says:

    You can, but he won’t accept the help until he realizes he has a problem. You remember step number one to recovery is acknowledging you have a problem! So talk to him about it, try looking up drug progams he can go to Vermont, I did one where I live & it helped me alot. But try googling some.

  • euphoric says:

    Well.. let me just tell you that hallucinogens and weed aren’t that bad. It sounds like you’re over reacting.
    You should be happy he’s not doing heroin or meth, which are both very addicting.

    And I’m just going to tell you right now that rehab will do NOTHING!
    You will only be wasting your money. What do you think they are going to do? Almost all major rehabs are for either amphetamines, alcohol, or opiates. And then in some rare cases marijuana. They don’t even have rehabs for hallucinogens… or at least I’ve never seen any.
    Rehabs are for people that want to change. Sticking him in there will only make him resent you more. Trust me, do not force him into rehab. And also, most of the time this is just a phase. Once he finds a wife and has kids, he won’t be doing stuff like this all the time.

    Just let him be a kid. Part of life is experimenting and trying new things. Drugs is just another part of life, and you shouldn’t be so concerned about it, unless you have reason to believe he’s using harder drugs.

  • pineoak1000 says:

    In the wacko state of VT the answer is yes

  • URehab says:

    That is a long time. The treatment is a complete program so you cannot just perform one aspect of it and get better. It is a sequence to be followed for 12-weeks which includes massage, stretches as described in the video and followed immediately with the exercises. Each of the therapies listed is performed one right after the other. If? you would like the full program, PM me and I will give it to you. Good luck.

  • WisconsinArtist says:

    Golfers elbow for 2 years now. Flared up this year towards the tip of elbow. Played twice and was out of commission with a lot of pain. Went to doc, had MRI cuz I thought I the pain had to be something other than GE. Not. MRI revealed nothing more than GE. So, with this being a long term problem, do I still start with the massage? for two weeks? Do you recommend every day, and for how long? Thanks

  • Iwatchvideosattimes says:

    Thanks for the? advice.

  • URehab says:

    For biceps, perform standing or seated hammer and reverse curls. Do not lockout at the bottom and only curl to 90-degrees. For triceps, perform neutral grip/hammer position (don’t use rope) and reverse grip triceps press-downs (easy-curl bar). Don’t come up past 10-degrees above? waistline and don’t lockout at bottom unless it does not bother you to do so. Finish with the reverse-grip press-downs. Stay away from any movements that put the elbow joint at severe angles.

  • Iwatchvideosattimes says:

    I only feel it when i move my arm up and down in a palm up movement. When i move my arm in a hammer curl? movement i don’t feel any pain or weird feeling.

  • URehab says:

    Do you feel the sensation when moving the elbow or when it is just sitting there stationary? There are a variety of triceps extensions, skull-crushers, etc. that can be performed at odd/extreme? angles that put too much stretch and strain on the elbow joint. This is one of the main muscle groups exercised where people get cubital tunnel, golfer’s elbow and other elbow injuries.

  • Iwatchvideosattimes says:

    Gd vid, I have 1 question though. I was doing some triceps extension at the gym & i guess my form wasn’t correct or i didn’t stretch correctly, but came up with golfer’s elbow. Its now 2 weeks the pain is residing, & i have normal range of motion, but i am getting this weird flicking feeling in the outer part of my elbow. is that due to the fact that the tendon was? swollen & resting on a nerve? I have stability & strength in my elbow. i want to know if that’s part of the healing process? thanks

  • URehab says:

    I advise against cortisone injections unless there is no other way that you can perform the exercises due to the level of pain, inflammation and/or joint limitation, etc.? If this is the case, you would carefully rehab the injury with flextend while the inflammation and other symptoms had subsided from the cortisone. This is the key time to address the injury. BUT, if you can perform the exercises without pain WHILE doing them, then that is what I suggest you do.

  • URehab says:

    You are very welcome, I’m glad you have obtained relief from your symptoms and are back on the? road to recovery. Let me know if you need additional help!

  • URehab says:

    What? is level 4?

  • MrAnderson0110 says:

    Would you recommend cortisone injections to compliment the? rehab program?

  • BillHammons says:

    Great help! Once I started your exercises, the flare up went away? in a week. There was immediate relief and then it’s been asymptomatic. I still do the the exercises so it does not come back. I’m a swimmer/triathlete and was overcompensating with the wrist and elbow. Thank you for putting this information out there.

  • FEEZedit says:

    Thanks for the great video! For someone who is on level 4 would you recommend reverse grip curls,? regular curls or both? and why?

  • Joshua Lammas says:


  • URehab says:

    No, you don’t want to perform both programs at the? same time unless you have Tennis Elbow on one arm and golfer’s Elbow on the other. Otherwise I would have to ask; which injury is worse? If they are close to the same, perform the Tennis Elbow regimen first.

  • woog74 says:

    Thank? you.

  • nico3641 says:

    I have the Flextend glove. I actually have both tennis and golfers elbow. Messed myself? up in the gym. Should I just follow both tennis and golfer’s protocols?

  • URehab says:

    I posted the previous comment in the wrong spot so I apologize if you were sent two answers. By the way, Thank you for the nice comments – I do like? helping people feel better. You don’t have to stop lifting or lift light forever; just follow the Golfer’s Elbow program and you can get rid of your symptoms. PM if you need the week-by-week program. Maybe the mfg. has the discontinued version of the glove that is on sale in your size.

  • URehab says:

    The cheapest is ActiveForever (.com) Although they take the stress of off the injured muscles, (which is good & bad), they can increase the muscle imbalance by causing the injured muscles to atrophy further, therefore increasing the symptoms even more. I suggest using them only when performing strenuous activities, BUT you MUST be performing the Tennis Elbow program at the same time so you can correct the problem at the source and discontinue the? use of the Band-It type brace.

  • recruitkim says:

    really glad you posted this as it gave me a better understanding of the problems i’ve been facing with my elbow and how to treat it. had i gone to a physical therapist, i would’ve spent 6 hours traveling and waiting just for them to tell me that i shouldn’t lift weights and if i do, i should lift lighter, which seems to be the solution to everything.

    again, thanks for sharing this with the world. i’m sure you’ve helped improve many lives by? doing this

  • woog74 says:

    Where do you get that glove? Can I ask what it is called, maybe I could google it. Also, does those braces? that they sell for tennis elbow do anything? hose ones that you strap around the area that hurts?

  • URehab says:

    The palm-down/forward? hand position is the hardest on the elbows and heavy weights with the elbows at incorrect angles can do a lot of damage. Please do keep us posted and thanks for your comments!

  • URehab says:

    There is definitely a price to pay…I have holes in the heads of both humerus bones, spurs and neither shoulder has a lick of cartilage. I have always gotten stronger than my previous years lifts. There is a totally different kind of strength that comes with years of lifting. A totally different level of muscle density occurs as well. I hope this method works for you. ? Keep us posted on the results of your competition!

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