Are There Any Adults Who Have Been Thru Oklahoma Juvenile Inpatient Drug Rehab and Does It Work?

Question by ok.ombudsman: Are there any adults who have been thru Oklahoma juvenile inpatient drug rehab and does it work?
My 17 1/2 year old son takes many pills and smokes green. It may be screweing up his college opportunities, which is something he wants. He has a religious background but has chosen to be an atheist. He also has a high IQ and a fiance. Outpatient services didn’t work for him, but he did find a coke dealer in a weeklong facility (fortunately not a drug he uses).

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Answer by Christian
the only way any rehab will help is if the person themselves want to get clean or until they have hit there bottom do not enable your son by giving him money or fixing his mistake cause by his drug use if his college opportunities is a stack than that may be something thing that has to happen he must experience the consequence of him using and hopeful he wont like it and then want to stop using, if he finish his rehab goes to meeting get a sponsor work the step of N.A. than his chance of staying clean are greater. good luck

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